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Trauma & Specialist Hospital – Winneba Nurses Celebrate World Neonatal Jaundice Day.

Neonatal Jaundice has been one of the most suffered condition of new born babies. It is out of this that the world health organization has set 29th May to celebrate the immense contribution of science in helping babies with jaundice to survive. Yesterday climax another epitome of strides as the wheels of celebration of nurses took over the hospital to celebrate this day and create awareness of Neonatal Jaundice.  

Infant jaundice is a condition where a baby’s skin, and white part of their eye appear yellow. Jaundice is a common condition in infants  affecting over 50 percent of all newborns..In addressing this issue, the Month of may has been dedicated by the Paediatric society to create the awareness about jaundice. That is to say, everyone yellowed in the month of may to create awareness for newborn jaundice..

Worldwide, in most babies jaundice is a common and normal event.. Babies are more likely to develop jaundice if they are not breastfeeding well so it is important that mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their new babies as much as they are able to take. Some of the factors that can be attributed to this canker are infections.

picture: Showing nurses in yellow

That is, babies born before 9 months of pregnancy. Problems or blockages in the liver Blood group incompatibility: This means that there is a difference between the blood group of mother and baby which can sometimes lead to jaundice in the baby

G6PD Deficiency: G6PD is a chemical that is normally present in red blood cells in a certain quantity. Some babies are born with reduced amounts of this chemical or it may be totally absent. It should however be noted that jaundice is not caused by spiritual forces.


At the hospital, the baby may be put under a blue light(phototherapy)which is safe and effective way to treat jaundice when its detected early..
When its detected late,deformity sets in such retarded growth and even sometimes death..Babies who are kept indoors especially in dark rooms are more likely to have jaundice that is not detected early enough.. It is advisable that you examine your baby in good bright light every morning so that any jaundice can be recognized early.

Picture : Health talk on Radio Peace

Speaking to feed the sick news team, sister Joyce Appau said it its  time we all embrace children with neonatal jaundice and show them much love. the day ended with massive education and celebration at the children’s ward in Trauma And specialist Hospital Winneba.

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Story: Jerry Martey

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